Delivered by:
Mr. Choi Yeom-soon

President of Dale Carnegie Training South Korea
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Executive Thrive:
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Leadership Impact

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Delivered by:
Mr. Hei Yu-Lung

Founder of Dale Carnegie Training Taiwan
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Being challenged in a series of unpredictable economic fluctuations, many businesses are facing financial pressure, personnel unstability, lower team morale and cohesion, reduced productivity, and severe competition caused by market disruptors, and thereby put huge risks to the sustainable development of businesses. In that context, executive leaders really need to expand their leadership capacity to the utmost to “Empower the Inner Power” for themselves and their teams in order to ensure a long-term development future for the businesses.

Diversified Leadership (IDL)

Global Taste - Local Take

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Globally-oriented Training Series:
Dale Carnegie understands that the aspiration for personal improvement and growth is limitless. Especially when learning in one's familiar native language, delivered by native experts with exceptional and deeply rooted success experience, and a profound understanding of the culture and people, it enables a full capacity and thorough spirit for participants to grasp the essence and accumulate international expertise which leads to leadership breakthroughs right here in Vietnam – and EXCLUSIVELY in CHINESE or KOREAN language!

The Internationally Diversified Leadership program series introduces globally – highly – tailored and oriented training programs for top foreign executives in Vietnam in their own local languages.

Internationally Diversified Leadership

Global Taste - Local Take

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